09 Jan 2007

I think it’s stupidity that my name appears three times in my dojo’s class schedule, but at least right now I think this is what I want. I had to quit the Pekiti-Tirsia course because my muscles are too inflamed to take the beating there. I hope to continue next autumn with that, at kali felt like something I’d like to study more. While Pekiti-Tirsia and Aikikai’s aikido superficially look very different, I think they would complement each other well.

The aikido basics course will start today, about a dozen people have signed on and I think we’ll get some more during the first few weeks. At least initially it looks like most of the people are young men, which is itself is not a bad thing, but optimally there’d be men and women in even proportions, both young and old. That would help everyone as they’d get the change to study with various people, not just their own body type and stiffness. (In the beginning men tend to be too stiff while women too limp, and they learn the aikido softness and strength as time goes by.) I will start off with ikkyo, that’s quite enough for the first class.