22 Aug 2004

I had a free-practice session with a bloke from my dojo today, just laid-back Sunday evening session, so nothing too strenious. We went through the ushirowaza ryotedori (後技 両手取) techniques for the nikyu (二級) test, and I think I understand more about how to initiate the contact to uke and how to guide them behind you. Earlier I had just held up my hand towards the uke and stepped back and away from them as they made contact. Then, just let my hand be pushed down against my hips as the uke stepped behind me. The thing is, that way the uke really has no reason to step behind me, but rather just smash my face in. I had tried to guide the uke before, but not… properly. Now, I think got the hang of it, or maybe just a hang of it. I didn’t let my had be pushed down immediately and kept the uke at an arm’s length distance, guiding them outwards with the palm of my hand facing up. If you keep doing that, the result is that the uke will just keep rotating around you, you constantly facing them. The catch is to turn your palm down in an inward circle, to give the uke a change to push you hand down. Because you’ve already at that point made the uke mode around you, taking a step forward and outward will leave the uke more or less behind you, and they will most likely go for the other hand if you’ve left it there. Getting the timing right in starting the technique that follows is another matter, but you still have to get the beginning right, right? Right.